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This umbrella pendant is hand carved and cast in sterling silver.  On the back of this pendant is carved the phrase "for the rainy days".  In the handle is set a natural .02ct birthstone of your choice.  This pendant is approximately 7/8" T x 3/4" W.  It includes an 18" diamond cut box chain. This pendant has been rhodium plated to stay bright white for longer.

Please list the birth month you prefer for this pendant in the "NOTES TO SELLER" box in your shopping cart page.

Birthstone Rainy Days Umbrella Pendant

SKU: 010139
  • This little pendant has a very special meaning.  Many times jewelry can be worn as a talisman. A certain piece makes us feel lucky, or confidant when we wear it. This umbrella is meant to be a tangible reminder that as the hard times (or "rainy days") come and go, we will persevere and a sunny sky is right around the corner.

    Care and Cleaning:
    It is recommended to use a mild soapy water instead of harsh silver cleaners. Also, a polishing cloth can brighten the metal when used occasionally.

  • January: Garnet
    February: Amethyst
    March: Aquamarine
    April: Diamond
    May: Lab Created Emerald*
    June: Lab Created Alexandrite*
    July: Ruby
    August: Peridot
    September: Sapphire
    October: Pink Tourmaline
    November: Citrine
    December: Tanzanite

    *All gemstones are natural with the exception of May and June stones. These lab created stones are chemically identical to their natural counterparts, but they are grown in a lab instead of mined in nature. For these two stones, the lab made ones are more durable and have better color.


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