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  NellMarie Jewelry is a Colorado Springs, CO based company that provides modern, handcrafted  jewelry to consumers all over the United States.  As a third generation jeweler, designer Janelle McNeil, continues her family tradition of superb craftsmanship and excellent customer service.  NellMarie Jewelry was created in 2011 as a way to bring quality silver jewelry to customers looking for alternatives in luxury jewelry.  Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be an originative piece of jewelry art. 


  NellMarie utilizes a variety of mediums including silver, gold, copper, glass, diamonds, and gemstones.  Many of these pieces include moveable parts and have the ability to be worn in different ways.  Designs range from feminine and whimsy to sleek and geometric silhouettes.














NellMarie Jewelry is dedicated to providing expert craftsmanship and innovative design.

Something special inside...


Each NellMarie pendant and ring is signed with a natural sapphire.  These stones can be found inside the shank of the rings or set on a tag of each pendant chain.  This little addition is just one more thing that sets NellMarie Jewelry apart from the others.  Why sapphires? Sapphires are considered one of the four "precious gemstones" and are one of the hardest gemstones available.  Sapphires can also be found in a wide variety of colors. This value, strength, and variety is what we strive for in all of NellMarie Jewelry.

 From the bench....


I am a third generation jeweler in Colorado Springs.  I grew up in my parent's and grandparent's jewelry stores with a love of fabrication and entrepreneurship.  I have been a master jeweler for over a decade doing repairs for small jewelry stores as well as large national jewelry chains.

 NellMarie Jewelry was created in 2011 to showcase a fine jewelry concept.  Silver is one of the noble metals, but has not always had the respect it deserves.  In the last few years, silver has come back in the market in a big way.  Many big box stores, however, are still making silver jewelry as a step up from costume jewelry.  These pieces are not made well and many times are set with inferior stones such as cubic zirconia.  NellMarie makes silver jewelry special again.  Each piece is handmade and set with the finest gemstones.  Even our diamonds are a premium color and clarity.  These pieces are not mass produced so you can be sure to find something here that you won't find anywhere else.

My family always said the way to make quality jewelry was to never take shortcuts and I live by that today.  Every piece of NellMarie Jewelry is thoughtfully designed and skillfully constructed.  These pieces are quality keepsakes that can be cherished and passed down. 


                                                                                                                                                  -Janelle McNeil

NellMarie is a proud member of the juried celebrity gifting organization, The Artisan Group

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