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This mounting is hand carved.  It is cast in sterling silver and rhodium plated. This ring features a 1/4ct Paraiba topaz in the center. The highly polished inner walls reflect the color of the stone making this a great statement ring. Complimentary sizing with purchase.

Modern Blue Topaz Ring

SKU: 010116
  • Paraiba blue topaz is a treated version of natural white topaz. Paraiba topaz gets its name from the widely coveted Paraiba Tourmaline that is similar in color. This treatment is permanent and does not require any additional care.

    Cleaning and Care:
    Always use a polishing cloth on a gemstone ring instead of harsh silver cleaners. When the stones seem dull, clean them with warm soapy water (Dawn dish soap and water) and a toothbrush and they will sparkle again.
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