This is one of the few rings I've created with a 3D CAD software. The wax for this ring was made with a 3D printer and then cast in a tarnish-resistant sterling silver. It is set with a 1.7ct natural AA amethyst cushion-cut center stone and accenting white topaz side stones. There is a 1.7mm round amethyst set inside the star cut-out on each side.

This ring has a euro-shank (square shank on bottom). I love the euro-shanks because they keep top-heavy rings from spinning on your finger. There is a NellMarie signature sapphire set inside the shank. Complimentary sizing with purchase.

Tips and Facts:
Amethyst is the February birthstone

Cushion-Cut Amethyst Ring with Star Cut

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  • Cleaning and Care:
    Always use a polishing cloth on a gemstone ring instead of harsh silver cleaners. When the stones seem dull, clean them with warm soapy water (Dawn dish soap and water) and a toothbrush and they will sparkle again.