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CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

About the process...


Snapshot of a CAD ring
Sapphire Ring Render

The Design

Previously, ALL designs were carved by hand or assembled from parts.  Now I have the freedom to create these designs using a 3D modeling software. This gives me the ability to see a finished product without having to make it to completion first.

The Render

After creating a style, the render gives a life-like image that helps me to decide on the final touches such as stone choice.

Amethyst Ring
Rhodolite Garnet Ring
Sky Blue Topaz Ring

The Finish

After the render is decided, I have a wax made and a casting completed.  Each piece is hand-finished and every stone hand-set.  The computer design allows a precision in each piece that can not be matched by hand-carving. We will be continuing to introduce these new pieces into the NellMarie collections


About the process...


Wax Carving

Some of my designs are carved by hand.  I still like to use this method because I have the freedom to create whatever comes to mind. Hand carving also gives the best results when it comes to matching shadow bands!

Custom Men's Ring Carved in Wax
Umbrella Pendant Carved in Wax
Custom Wedding Band in Wax
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